Beware of Imitations: Authentic Rain Country Blend by Boccemon - Learn More
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    This page is for owners of a bocce court surfaced with Boccemon’s Rain Country Blend (RCB).

    When newly installed the court has a “fluffy” texture. When wet it runs faster than when dry. In most climates, after a few weeks, the blend begins to “cure” which ultimately binds to the road base beneath. As the flour compacts, there is less “fluff” to broom about and the balls roll faster. The fluff is what makes maintaining the court such a breeze. Had you watched the Maintenance video that came with the surface you would be collecting the material that accumulates at the court ends in buckets for these times, in which case simply dump half a bucket onto the court and broom it. At some point, the surface becomes compacted and it seems there is nothing left to broom around. Once the “patch” buckets are empty many think they require more material.

    This is likely NOT the case. The original Boccemon court went for 10 years before we added more material. Eventually the surface compaction, moisture, chemistry, and heavy use) renders the 7’ nylon broom “seemingly” useless. There is no fluff to move around! We are happy to sell you more Rain Country Blend when you need it but many won’t “need” it yet.

    Often, a wire brush or broom can scrape up enough material to provide plenty of flour for grooming. If your budget allows we highly recommend the 6’ stainless bristled broom as it works well in wet or dry conditions. Otherwise, consider a smaller wire bristled broom as recommend on the Moss page. Anthony Morriello had a great idea for reconditioning his bocce court. He used a piece of chain link fencing to make a dragmat which fluffs the court.

    Minimal agitation of the blend should produce enough material for you to keep your court playable for many years provided enough was purchased, to begin with. Before calling us to order more - consider the following. Most hardware stores carry wire mesh. Purchase an 18” x 24” piece of 1/8” Hardware Cloth and build (or pay somebody to fabricate for you) a frame like the one right.


    Using a shovel, scrape a ½” or so of the surface off and push it through the mesh. This will fluff the flour providing the extra material needed to fill in any dents. It is much easier to work the court when the surfacing is dry and slightly dusty rather than when it is tightly compacted or wet.




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