Beware of Imitations: Authentic Rain Country Blend by Boccemon - Learn More
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    It has come to our attention that multiple companies are attempting to market their products using the name "Rain Country Blend," which is a term synonymous with Boccemon's popular product.

    For 21 years, Boccemon has been the trusted supplier of Rain Country Blend, or "RCB," which has been specified by designers and architects for projects worldwide.

    Any Rain Country Blend for bocce not purchased directly from Boccemon is an imitation, trying to profit from the excellent reputation we have established. Consider these points when evaluating Rain Country Blend products:

    1. Geographic Authenticity: Many of the imitators are based in California, a region known for its sunshine and beaches, not rain! Boccemon, on the other hand, is situated in Bellingham, Washington, near the Canadian border, where rain is abundant. This is the inspiration behind the name "Rain Country Blend."

    2. Product Composition: Examine the descriptions and images of competitor's blends carefully. They often market their Rain Country Blend as an “oyster shell blend” but in fact it is decomposed granite with minimal oyster shells mixed in. They are falsely claiming it to be an "oyster shell surface." In contrast, Boccemon's Rain Country Blend consists primarily of oyster shell, mostly in the form of oyster shell "flour." Our blend does not include any materials that could potentially interfere with the roll of a bocce ball.

    The Genuine Difference: Decomposed granite is not the same as oyster shell! Authentic oyster shell bocce courts are primarily composed of oyster shells, hence the term "oyster shell courts." If the shipping cost exceeds the product price, exercise caution!

    Choose Boccemon for the genuine Rain Country Blend experience and unparalleled quality.