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    Boccemon is a small family owned corporation.  We operate utilizing 100% Green Power and we produce at or near Zero Waste capacity. In addition, re-use and sustainability have always been part of our business plan which makes it easier to practice. Today approximately 95% of our outbound packaging is utilized directly from post-consumer waste items.  Our super sacs, styrofoam, slip sheets, and pallets all come from other company’s waste streams and without recycling or modification, they are utilized for a second use.  Our aim is to provide the best ownership experience available from a natural court surface.  The goal was to have a premium roll, reduced bounce, and with minimal maintenance.  We focused on a shell surface initially due to our proximity to oyster farms along the Pacific coast.  It soon became clear that rendered shell alone lacks some critical qualities so we concentrated on other natural/organic ingredients to improve the blend.  We have experience with landscaping, construction, design, and perhaps more importantly – we play bocce! 

    Today, Boccemon Rain Country Blend (RCB) is used across the United States, in Canada, Iraq, and even Dubai.  We are also helping clients in our own community. Folks are attracted to us because we are deeply vested in the game. Bocce is part of our daily routine and this is the reason you should be calling us. Although many of the projects we work on are for private individuals, we also collaborate with park departments; municipalities; corporations; wineries; breweries, and many homeowner associations.

    Boccemon is developing a contractor base across the country and finding people are grateful for this tool.  We remove builders from our free listing if they don’t have a 100% satisfaction record with their clients.  It is better to teach somebody to build a court that our clients already know and trust than to risk referring a builder that may be a bad fit.  If you locate a contractor from our list, rest assured they come highly recommended. This list is reviewed monthly.  We will work with client's design ideas and collaborate with builders. As we successfully address one client's issues, a solution is produced for clients we have yet to meet. We don't pretend to know all, but we want all to know us. We blend an awesome surface!

    Check out our resources page for suppliers of items we don't stock. For superior bocce balls contact Playaboule. For the best book on the subject check out the Joy of Bocce website. Rules are available through the US Bocce Federation site. These folks are all great friends in our larger bocce community.

    Ultimately we hope that our clients can enjoy eating oysters and leave us to figure out how to use what's left.