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    Here is a list of our featured client reviews. Thanks for the amazing feedback.

    ...the tournament was Saturday and we had over 150 people at the event itself with 35 teams. We had three rain delays and the court's drainage system worked just perfect. There were at least 3 inches of water on both courts and we were playing within an hour after the rain stopped. If you remember, my construction team thought that the five-eighth inch minus would clog any drainage from happening... - St Louis, MO


    We have been enjoying [our] courts for about a month, so far maintenance a breeze and clientele at winery slowly building. I hope to get an August League going, maybe some casual tournaments as people have fun playing more! - Hood River, Oregon


    "It has been a blast playing Bocce on our court. Over the two years time, the surface has become very firm and only needs brushing before the games start, and an occasional scraping with our expanded metal to even out the divots made by dropping balls. Come try it out when you are in the neighborhood". - Sandy, Utah


    Regarding scoreboards... "I just got back in the office and they have arrived. They look wonderful. You did a great job!" - Daytona Beach, FL


    "Installation went great! Thanks for your help and rapid response." - Los Angeles, CA


    "I received the scoreboards, they are beautiful!!" - City of Sunrise, FL


    "Hi, Tom. I love the surface. It is infinitely better than decomposed granite very easy to maintain and rolls very true with proper care. A friend of mine recently put in a court with DG and he may be calling you to arrange for your material." - Santa Barbara, CA


    "DELIGHTED with the RCB surface you provided! It rained like CRAZY the afternoon we finished the court. And continued thru the night. In the a.m. there was some free water on the court surface, but it drained away almost as I watched! Literally within 15 minutes of the rain stopping, the court was completely drained! A great product, and certainly appropriately named! ...It's a pleasure doin' business with someone who honestly tries to save their customers some $$$'s!" -Benicia, CA


    "I received the bocce broom. It performed just as you said it would. I appreciate your help. My family has named it the "Bocce Zamboni". Thank You." - Baltimore, MD


    "I wanted to send you a note to thank you for your bocce advice, and especially, for the top-notch court surface Rain Country Blend. There are three aspects of your product I'd like to comment on:

    1. RCB is, as you point out, VERY easy to maintain and prepare for play. The techniques in your maintenance video are easy to follow. 5 minutes is of easy effort, and you're ready to PLAY!
    2. RCB drains at least as well as you suggest. It rained here 3" inches in the 18 hours after we installed and did the mechanical compaction of the RCB. Within 15 minutes after it stopped raining, the surface was water free. 30 minutes later it was suitable for play. (We used your court design, including the drainage system. A very worthwhile investment, even here in northern CA.)
    3. We have "christened" the court with our first "Bocce Event" this afternoon. And we had a BLAST! Good friends, a little wine, some really fun Bocce. It simply doesn't get better as a social outing!
    4. It's a delight doing business with someone who genuinely cares about delivering a superior, quality product and genuine customer support!"

    With Highest Regards" - Carmel, CA


    "Thanks for the help, excellent info and web site!" -Granby, CO


    "It looks great and more people are playing!!" -Santa Fe, NM


    "Court is playing well. We spent a lot of time on it yesterday. People love it." -Martha's Vineyard, MA


    "First, thank you for the informative website. Very well done. I am building a bocce court in my backyard and your site has been a great help." -Sonoma, CA


    "Thank you all for your support and assistance to get a new layer of oyster shells spread onto the bocce courts. The courts turned out really good and it is nice to see them being used! " - Seattle Parks


    "Everything went smoothly. We opened the bottom of the totes and used the excavator to lift and evenly spread the mix across the length of the court - that worked great (the trick was to drop the tote to the ground at the start to loosen the compacted mix, then it just came out evenly). All of your advice was accurate. We watered the mix in and sure enough it initially was too wet and stuck to the plate compactor and left tracks - that really pissed me off! Waited an hour and it worked like a charm. I'll give it another once over after I get the broom - but it turned out great." -Whidbey Island, WA


    "Thank you for a quick response and the quote. Looking forward to working with your product and will be in touch upon acceptance of the bid." -Bernardsville, NJ


    "...just got the scoreboards. they are great!" - Indian Wells, CA


    "I am ordering some of your ball racks today, as I think they will look nice mounted at each end of the court." - New London, NC


    "Thanks for all your great advice on the court..." -Atlanta, GA


    "The product is settling in nicely and the drag broom is working great. It really does the trick. Have not tried flipping drag broom but will give it a try. Although really not necessary at this time. Court is looking (and playing) great thanks to all of your help and product" - Sacramento, CA


    "...We love it and have received lots of compliments and inquiries..." - Napa,CA


    " Thanks for taking the time to talk today " -Roswell, GA


    "First, thanks for your website – it has been very informative as I have been learning more about potentially building a Bocce Court." -Amagansett, NY


    "I'm appreciating all of the items you have posted on your website and I'll use your suggestions for moss management." -Fort Wayne, IN


    "I am uncertain as to how much product I need so any insight would be helpful. I really appreciate your website it has been very helpful and informative. Thanks again for your time." -Ft Lauderdale, FL


    "I'm so excited at how great it looks....thanks for everything. It was a pleasure dealing with you... Keep up the good work..." -Long Is, NY


    "Court is great, surface material wonderful" - Moses Lake, WA


    "Just wanted to tell you we completed our court renovation. Everyone is pleased with it and the installation was easy. We had a storm last night with over one inch of rain. The drainage and everything passed this test with flying colors. I could not be happier with the results. Thanks for all your help. P.S. Another over 55 Community near us is watching how our court is and if we like it they will be your new customer." -West Grove, PA


    "… that cross section is tremendously helpful. I’ll look around locally for someone that could use the work, may even do a bit myself, and be back in touch when ready to chat about buying the surface." - Snoqualmie, WA


    "Nice website. Your surface material, Rain Country Blend, sounds perfect." -Naperville, IL


    "Hi there. You guys are mentioned everywhere as the authorities on court materials and construction. I'm looking for some advice and products." -Quincy,CA


    "You were right – the amount was fine – court is built and we are playing ball and loving it." -Bellevue, WA