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    Between COVID-19 and other circumstances there is a shortage of rendered and “sterilized” oyster shells on both coasts of the United States. Any currently active producers have far more market than supply. We sold our last inventory in February yet it appears things may not “normalize” until Fall of 2022. Between these realities and our own back orders we aren’t offering quotes at this time. If your projects are not slated to build until Summer or beyond and you would like to be notified when we start production again please let us know. We will add you to the queue.

    Regardless of the which natural material you choose to surface your court with certain maintenance tools will make the job easier. We also offer scoreboards, ball racks, hats and hoodies in our Bocce Shop.

    We have been selling a premium oyster shell blend for surfacing bocce courts nationwide for 19 years and hope to continue serving bocce players for years to come. Please support small businesses.