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    Grow Land LLC Project of the Month

    Grow Land LLC Project of the Month

    This project of the month was a mountainside bocce court with an AMAZING VIEW, ready for pictures on the cover of Better Homes and Gardens! This couple wanted to finally finish out the space that was “bocce court ready” with the court that would work for all occasions. We were able to trek all the construction materials (by hand) up the mountain to make their dream come true. “FORE!”

    Grow Land built this project in just 2 days, working more than 12 hours on the first day…whew! As with most of our special projects, we waived the magic calendar wand to make this work, even working into the evening.

    This is a multi-purpose bocce court, with a harder, compacted granite landscape rock playing surface. This court plays a little faster than our premium oyster shell blend, but allows for other uses, like dinner parties with long tables and lots of friends.

    In-between the outdoor dinner parties overlooking the golf course, this bocce court amenity includes a breathtaking mountain lounge area at the top, combined with an active sports area for winding down.

    As with every project, we provided our “like it was my house” service, and the clients are totally excited to RELAX AND BOCCE ON!

    Public Bocce Courts in Washington State


    Les Gove Park Address: 11 th and Auburn Way South

    4) 12’ x 80’ courts

    Surface -- Boccemon's Oyster Blend


    Boccemon: Corner of Carolina and Iron Streets

    1) 10 x 60 court Contact # 360 224-2909

    Surface: Oyster by Boccemon

    Fircrest (Tacoma area)

    Whittier Park


    3) – 12’ x 90’ courts Contra Costa Ave and Elm Tree Lane.

    Surface – (fine crushed rock)


    Maryhill Winery
    9774 Highway 14,
    Goldendale, WA, 98620

    Surface -- Boccemon's Oyster Blend

    Lummi Island

    Willows Inn
    --Nestled in the northwest corner of Washington State sits Lummi Island
    1) - 12' x 60' court

    Surface -- Boccemon's Oyster Blend


    Evergreen Park 1445 Evergreen Park Drive SW


    Von Trapp's
    912 12TH AVE/ Seattle/ WA 98122
    Phone Hours: 2:00PM - 10:00PM
    P (206) 325.5409
    F (206) 325-3057

    Occidental Park Address: Occidental Ave South & South Main St.

    2) – 7' x 55 ’ courts

    Surface -- Boccemon's Oyster Blend

    Woodland Park 6098 Aurora Ave N


    Januik Novelty Hill

    14710 Woodinville-Redmond Road NE 
    Woodinville, Washington 98072

    Surface -- Boccemon's Oyster Blend


    If you know of public Bocce courts in Washington State that aren't listed on this page, please send us the following information:

    • City
    • # of Courts
    • Court Size(s)
    • Court location and address
    • Photo (jpeg format)

    For tournaments – “Find one or Post one” with Mario at the Joy of Bocce site.

    Oregon Bocce Tour 2008

    Oregon Bocce Tour 2008

    It seems that the year got away from us. We have many courts that we haven’t collected photos on due we haven’t actually done the tour yet and the clients are too busy playing bocce to take a picture. We have been to Oregon several times in the past year and we have sent many surfaces there as well. Haven’t been able to set aside the time to do an actual tour. Oregon is a big state and we have clients spread across from west to east and north to south. Perhaps an Oregonian could hit some places and send us a tour from somebody else’s perspective. We may use it.

    Meanwhile some public courts we hope you will visit are:

    1) The bocce court at Salishan spa and Golf Resort has a Boccemon Oyster Blend surface.

    2) The bocce courts at Portland’s South Park blocks are fun if you have a broom and rake handy.

    3) The short court at the Leisure Public House is said to be more fun than going twice in one day to Powell’s Books. Anyone in their right mind would want to live near it. Surfaced with Boccemon Rain country blend.

    4) Ponzi Vineyards is an important stop on a Willamette Valley tour if for no other reason than that the Ponzi family have made some huge contributions to the lives of many in Northwestern Oregon. Look for a symbol of their generosity on one of the South Park block court perimeters. Somebody grooms their courts!

    5:) Atwater Place: Should you be looking to buy a place that comes with a bocce court, consider Atwater Place.

    These are the ones that come to mind so start on this list and see where it takes you.

    These are some of the Boccemon courts spread around the state