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How to build a bocce court
click here to view a photographic guide to building a bocce court

This page is meant to help you navigate through the web site faster. Note that most images expand so you shouldn’t need a magnifying glass to read the text or view photos.

Bocce Court Design and the Process

There are several pages within this site that show variations in perimeter options. If you are still in the planning stages, view these photos from a variety of bocce courts. Follow the bocce court building process through this link.

Bocce Court Cross Section

We suggest if you are going to use our surface that you follow this cross section (please select "landscape" mode for best resolution when printing). The only differences will be related to what the base is called and how much drainage to use. These are regionally determined issues.

Basic Material Conversion Sheet

This is a handy conversion table for any earthen material conversions . Ask your supplier about compaction percentages.

Boccemon talks Bocce

This new page was created to share some basic knowledge collected on-the-job and on-the-court.


Oyster Blend - quote

Because the price varies due to quantity and the final destination of the product, we ask people to fill out a quote request.

Tools for Maintenance

Most folks can get away with just the 7' drag broom and some standard garden tools. However should you need bocce items like hats or shirts, or should you need a scoring device, check out these bocce related things,

Bocce Court Builders

This is a new page. We have created this page to promote builders who support our products and to help clients looking for a builder. Many large contractors are installing our surface but their projects are so big that the bocce court isn't even 1% of the contract. They would rather not answer bocce questions when they could be bidding multi-million dollar landscape projects.. We don't blame them at all. However there is an increasing number of builders interested in our listing.. We expect to see this page grow significantly in the coming years.