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Boccemom Sportswear

boccemom bocce hat

Boccemom Bocce Hat (Red or Light Green) $23 includes shipping


BOCCEMOM is a new merchandising branch of Boccemon. We will adjust to items that the bocce moms are interested in. To start we are offering hats in light green or red…Indicate color preference in comments section when ordering. Cost is $23 delivered.

boccemom bocce sweatshirt

Boccemom Bocce Hooded Sweatshirt $65 includes shipping

Boccemom Bocce Sweatshirt (no hood) $55 includes shipping

We also are trying hooded sweatshirts in white or grey. These graphics are embroidered at a cottage industry run by three women who are grandmoms, moms, and daughters. They are awesome and are a joy to interact with as we do business. They will embroider “Boccemom” with green letters and a solid red “o” in mom or red lettering with a solid green ”o”. Sizes from small to x-large. Specify in comments section when ordering what color shirt, Hooded or non-hooded, size, and color scheme. Hooded cost is $65. No hood $55. Quality cotton sweat shirts with heavily embroidered stitching

We will embroider hand bags or whatever you should choose. Boccemom is a trademark of Boccemon.

boccemom embroidered jacket